This product is not merely to go to enliven the myth that had been developed in the world of male virility. The fact that obtained indicate that the user has to get real results, though varied for each person. In essence, this product is real work to improve male virility tool, in the sense that not only measure as far more discussion.

Materials used entirely natural, a mixture of several oils and traditional herbs, refinement of the ancestral heritage. HALAL instead of the material in the oil-Harom the Muslims.

This product has a natural aromatic qualities not sting, but friendly to our sense of smell. Impressed soft and comfortable.

The aim is to nurture and maximize the function of male virility tool.

The results vary with several effects as follows:
* Increased circulation of blood circulation to the growing muscle in the penis.
* Improve erection ability, in this case of violence.
* Mem boosted the size when erect manhood tool, more than the size before use.
* Improved ability when used in contact, with increased sexual endurance.
* Accelerating the process of erection after ejaculation, even in some cases, after ejaculation decreased only slightly erect, and quickly get back up after the stimulation.
* Promoting / sexual pleasure for women who have had spouses this oil treatment. Many who claim their household harmony increased after her male partner to use this product.


Following TESTIMONI entered at the beginning of this product launch, their names kept secret for privacy reasons.

"Ngetes 1 bottle out of curiosity. In discharging approximately 3-4 times, results appear urat2 around the penis. From here gw oil nangkep this way of working is the blood vessels dilate to maximize erectile function. Well, kalo maximum erection size would be increased. Make gw adds a bottle of about 0.5 to 1 cm from the initial size of 15cm (length and variation of the diameter). For much for the price, the results are satisfactory didapet bener2. Ngancengnya almost as strong Viagra price minus, nelen chemical and heart risk copotnya. "

"1 bottle udh bikin" p "so solid and hard and chewy fat jg, urat2 on kluar. Kalo most adds length 0.5 cm .. krn long to reply I think the results vary but overall ok .. ni really oil"

'it seems every person berbeda2 results bro, after seeing the saudara2 testi-arms, the result depends on the physical and body condition, where the oil serves to facilitate blood circulation to the penis,

results in me a new look after about 4 days, which at the time of penile erection no longer, and conditions during erection bigger and stronger ....

as we know baersama, that there are no instant results for this .... may be useful in my view you and unutk other compatriots. "

Gw pake ni also oil. Instead, a new 2-day gw treatment. dah lumayan sih om keliahatan results.
Results may vary for each person, depending on how fit the sorting treatment. gw mah klo more to increase the diameter, the same otot2 started out.

because klo pake ni sorted oil, veins / blood vessels in Mr.P so smoothly.
klo well -> as erectile blood flow can also smooth, so fit could be harder erections.
plus again, with oil ni pake treatment, we can erect Mr.P upturned rich klo cobra stand. so klo pas exe (menurut gw) an opportunity to stimulate the G-SPOT ce so more often, it results
PRICE = Rp 150.000, - / 3ml

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